woensdag 9 december 2009

Final Concept: Landmarking

Our concept can be best described according to four different phases; the first and second phases initiate the project, and the third and fourth keep the project running.

Phase 1: Creating curiosity

In the first weeks of the project a large balloon with a question mark will be placed on the construction site, to cause some curiosity. The ‘mysterious’ balloon will be discussed in the local newspaper and on panels on the fences around the construction site, referring to a website where people can discuss the balloon. After a few weeks the mystery will be revealed, and the concept will be presented to the people using the same media.

Used media:
o LEB’s (Light Emitting Balloons)
o Displays
o Local newspaper
o Website
o Guerilla marketing (e.g. stickers)

Phase 2: Signing up

To find ‘reporters’ that are enthusiastic about our concept, elderly can sign up to be a reporter by filling in a small survey and motivation to be a reporter. From these applications a few best reporters will be chosen to place landmarks on the construction site. Ideally we would have 5 to 10 reporters, keeping it quite exclusive to be a reporter.

Used media:
o Written survey
o Website
o Local newspaper

Phase 3: Be the reporter

When a reporter has spotted something extraordinary on the construction site that he/she wishes to share with the rest of the world, he/she goes to the specially designed information pole. In this ‘pole’ they can indicate the location of their finding, the reason why they believe it to be special and receive their marker. The balloon pops out of the machine, fully blown and attached to a rope. Then the reporter can place the mark on the construction site. All the information from the pole will be directly sent to large screens around the construction site, and it will also be uploaded to the website of our project.

Used media:
o Information pole (pc-like object)
o LEB’s
o Screens at the fences
o Website

Phase 4: Feedback

The placed landmark can be seen from a far distance and will hopefully attract al lot of people to the construction site. On the internet site, people can react on the placed marks. These comments will also be sent to the screens around the construction site. There is also the possibility to react on the marks directly through the information pole. The reporter can view the reactions on his landmark on the information pole as well as on the website (if they know how to deal with the internet).

Used media:
o Website
o Information pole
o Displays

Media strategy
Since our primary target group is elderly people, our choice of media should at least be suitable and accessible for them. Therefore, the information pole needs a clear and simple interface. All media used will be provided by us, so the elderly do not need to have fancy cellular phones or internet at home to be a part of the project.
The project will make the most use of website, when the project is up and running, but the first weeks, which are crucial for the development of the project, we will use less electronic media, and more written media.

The storyboard is a visualization of phase 3 of our concept, this is how we think this part of the project should work.

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  1. Dear Team Crosslink,

    Your concept sounds very promissing, it would be beautiful to actually see these balloons across the construction site. While reading your concept, I only had one remark. In Phase 2, Signing up, I read "To find 'reporters' that are enthusiastic about our concept, elderly can sign up to be a reporter by filling in a small survey and motivation to be a reporter." I understand you chose elderly to be your primary target group. However it seems that in your final concept you will reach many more people and hardly focus on elderly people anymore. So I wonder, why would you still limit yourself here? Or perhaps more important, why would you exclude younger people that are enthusiastic and would love to contribute? I don't think it is worst thing to broaden your target group.
    Furthermore your concept sounds great. It actually has quite a few similarities to our final concept (check out fallinginlovewihtmedia.wordpress.com/conceptual-design. And finally, I have to add I absolutely love your storyboard. Well done, keep up the good work!

    Floris for Falling in love with media

  2. A nice concept explanation, it would definitely be nice to see lighted balloons in Delft, especially if they are really high up. We agree with FallingInLoveWithMedia though; focusing solely on the elderly might not be a wise decision. You will lose users with every barrier there is between possible user and your project; don't make it too exclusive!

    We noticed there is another team who's main concept revolves around creating curiosity, you might want to check their blog out for their final-concept-explanation.



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